Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bon Odori

Shopping Trip, Shamisen, Dancing, Chatting, Tours, Hunt, Lantern Lighting, Fireworks, Ghost Stories........Tired.
But what a day I had.
Sunday was our day to offer Bon Odori festivities at Miyagawa-cho and after a hectic morning with myself and Okaasan running around like headless chickens, we eventually brought everything together and the evening went without a hiccup.
A last minute decision to organise a little treasure hunt for our guests got off to a slow start and needed a few extra clues before a neck and neck contest developed between Ryoichiro san and Higurashi san, with Ryo san being the eventual winner (Just) collecting the prize box and a Guest of Honour pass to the inaugural Hanahusa Ochaya Ozashiki. Well done.
Can't wait for next year.
Here are a few photos


Lighting the lanterns for  loved ones

Fireworks over Miyagawa-cho


 Tales of the river bank
The wonderful story telling skills of Ryo San kept us entertained for hours as he told one Ghost story after another. After all the effort he put in on the Taiko drum, I was surprised that he could actually stand up let alone tell tales.


Okaasan was hired to play Koto at Mitsuhana odori but her Ohana fee was terrible.
I make more money  in Linden realms :)

And finally I couldn't resist taking this pic of Okaasan Koneko of Pontocho Okiya. It looked as though she was very kindly painting our fence so I didn't disturb her. Why would I? That was one chore less for me.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all who gave their precious time to help us celebrate and special extra big thanks to the very generous Ryoichiro for his surprise and also for stepping in to play the Taiko drum and the gloriously adorned ladies of Matsubaya Ageya for keeping me company when everyone else had gone home.

Ookini san dosu