World Tour

Route C 19th May 2013

As you walk down the road at the start of Route 8C it suddenly stops and turns to water. Here you can rez a free sail boat or if you wait patiently a pod will appear for you to sit on. There are also 40 & 60 dollar apartments here for rental and if you sit a while on the loungers by the waters edge you see all manner of vehicles suddenly appear from the underwater road. Tanks, fire engines, boats, all sorts :)
In the end I decided to rez a yacht and be on my way.

Stepping out at the other side puts you back on the road. At the top of the hill I found the first freebie at the Black Dawn store, a beautiful Saphire pendant necklace

Black Dawn Store

 Further along the road on the right was this funny gnome, The slurl below takes you right to the store

Protest Gnome Freebie 

The gnomes are available at the House of Fun along with a couple of other freebies