Tuesday, 31 July 2012


This is what happens when you are too impatient to wait for things to rez

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Performance

I had a lovely time this morning. I was wandering around SL when Yuki san popped up in IM and invited me to one of her shows.

The light show (although not captured on cam) was incredible and the dance animations were fantastic, so fluid I found it hard to believe that I was actually on the SL grid.

Later in the day neesan Hatsu went off with Okaasan to get ready in her new kimono, having passed her dance test and been upgraded to Minarai. Here she is look. Kawaii.

Of course we had to get the obligatory photos so I got myself dolled up as well and we did some happy snappies.
Hatsu and myself were happily taking pics whilst Okaasan was chatting with Yuki san and installing her vendor for the August celebrations.
When Yuki san left Okaasan said "Right I'm going to get changed for photos too. Wait there. Don't move"

The result?

Sleeping Minarai

But in the end we got the pic

Mata ne


Thursday, 26 July 2012



The first stage of my journey is complete.

Okaasan had been working on the new Ochaya and I was called in to test the new stage in one of the rooms to perform the dance that I had choreographed, along with my little kouta.
As I was preparing Kikutsuru San turned up and sat down to watch.
Nervously I steeled myself and began my repertoire

Early morning light, the mist rising and swirling with the warming air
The sounds of nature disturb my sleep.....

Don't forget the fan. Don't forget the fan.
As I twirl away to left away from the audience I gently remove the first fan from my obi and open it deftly as I face them once again, moving it gracefully through the air to portray Sakura blossom on the morning breeze.....

Dance finished
"Take a seat Hikaru Chan"

Walk across to the zabuton, my legs wobbling as I smooth the back of my yukata and kneel down.
Okaasan is reading my reports and looking over my progress since I became Shikomi at Hanafusa Okiya.
"Shhhh little one" whispers Kikutsuru San "You did fine"
Not convinced.
Was it good enough?
Have my reports and progress being sufficient to take me to the dizzy heights of Minarai?

A loooong while later Okaasan looks up and across at me and tells me her decision....

A few minutes later myself and Kikutsuru San are on our way to Geisha Dreams and heading straight for the Minerai department to spend loads and loads and loads of Lindens.
Yaaaaaaayyyyy I passed.

Hanafusa Minarai

Friday, 13 July 2012

Bon Odori

I have been so busy studying and building that I haven't blogged for a while so here goes.
I am learning to keep my mouth shut, listen and pay attention and if you don't believe me look at the photo below. There I am look, standing in the background, listening and paying attention. Not a word escaped my lips. Okaasan's,Geiko's Maiko's and little old me being a dutiful Shikomi.

They we discussing the upcoming Bon Odori celebrations and working out the details of who will be doing what and when. It sounds like there are going to be plenty of events over the next couple of months with something for everyone so I'm really looking forward to it.

The main festivities will be held between August 10th - 12th so put the dates in your Diary and keep an eye out for this poster appearing around the grid.

I have also been a little busy building a new Okiya complex for a friend which took me through the night earlier this week as I was so engrossed in the build. I didn't realise what the time was until my eyes started to close and my head did the nodding thing. Anyway, that's all finished and now they just have to furnish it and move in.

The best bit by far this week was dance class.
Oh yeaaaaahh, the Shikomi of Hanafusa are learning to dance.

Move it girl. Shake that fan

Hatsu and myself accompanied by a rather laid back looking Okaasan Kikuyu on the shamisen, running through different choreography 

I was confused as to what all the different moves meant at first but came to the conclusion that any movement, any hand placement, stamp of the foot, tilt of the head etc, can mean anything you like as long as the audience have the story that goes with the dance. This is just as well because I'm now writing a story and doing choreography in an attempt to understand dance 101.

Finally, my long lost Oneesan has appeared in the Okiya, minus tabi.
I have been dying to meet her and after a short chat (by my standards at least) she seems very nice so now we become five. Okaasan, Kikutsuru, Hatsu, Fumiko and me. I will update the family page when I manage to get a photo of Kikutsuru fully dressed. We can't have a Maiko wandering around barefoot now can we?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Saturday Afternoon in Miyagawacho

And not a mouse did stir....

Saturday afternoon in Miyagawa-cho was a quiet affair, Okaasan relaxing in the sun by the Okiya, Neesan Hatsu sat on the dock studying and me playing the flute that I have had since childhood, providing haunting melodies to study and relax by.

In the background there is our Yagura as we get the market place ready in preparation for Bon Odori.
Miyagawa-cho is becoming quite busy at times as more and more people discover that we are here and running out of the alleyways often sees me bumping unceremoniously into a new face as I work my way around town, making sure that gates are locked, the street outside the Okiya is swept clean and Oscar the owl is safely perched on his rock. That owl sleeps less than I do.
Yesterday marked my first full month as Shikomi, a role I am enjoying more and more as I learn new things and it all begins to sink in. Life becomes easier as I resign myself to the fact that this is my new home and Gion becomes engraved on my heart. I never expected it to have such a huge effect on me, nor did I expect to meet so many people and find so many new friends.

Now that I have been given permission to leave the Okiya and look around accompanied by my Sisters from Hanafusa and well, I guess I could call them half Sisters, from Mitsuhana, I am finding some beautiful places, The problem is that they are all so relaxing that it makes me want to lie down and sleep rather than study, so I try not to do too much wandering.

I still find myself in the occasional spot of trouble for things like sitting on the grass and writing my name in the sand of the Zen garden, but in general I'm improving. I think.

mata ne


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Oh I wish

Sung to the tune of Wish I was A Punk Rocker - Sandi Thom

Oh I wish I was a Maiko girl with flowers in my hair
In Hanafusa Okiya June 2012 revolution was in the aiiiir
I enrolled too soon
with no neesan around to shaaaare
So I get to do all the chores and no one seems to care

It all gets too much at times