Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rock Monsters

Today my curfew was lifted.
I am now allowed out of the Hanamachi as long as I am with one of my Sisters.
The trouble was that neither of my Sisters were around so I thought about it and decided that as being Geiko is being an artist, I would have to use artistic license to define the boundaries of my curfew.
Rather than go walkabout on other sims, I went to Linden realms and ran around dodging rock monsters and collecting gems to raise money for the Okiya.
I did try to get a snapshot but those rock monsters are surprisingly quick, so no snapshot.

End result: Rock Monsters 4 - Hikaru L$9

Monday, 11 June 2012

Oscar and The Tao Te Ching

Today's lessons were all about Gods and Goddesses, deep thought, the gateways to inner peace and the sanctuary of Geiko existence.
The calming tones of Okaasan's voice delivering the knowledge, the gentle breeze coming in off the sea as we sat in the garden pondering over a vessel's inability to remain upright if overfilled and equate that thought with abstinence, greed and all things karmic in order to lead a fulfilling, meaningful life. The warmth of the sun on our skin, the soft tickle of the grass on my toes and a feeling of inner peace as I soak up more knowledge.


But all the while in the corner of my eye and constantly irritating my ear....Oscar.
Most towns and villages have a stray cat, who manages to eke it's way through life on a meagre existence of scraps and the odd treat from a kind hearted resident. We have this.....

This is Oscar, our owl. Oscar has stolen my rock and refuses to move despite my challenging him to a staring competition and winning hands down because he kept looking away.
It seems that everywhere I find in this town to co-exist peacefully with nature and be alone with my thoughts, is doomed to failure.
Thankfully my little hill in the corner looking out to sea remains untouched by progress and the Tao can swirl freely around my mind as I consider my future.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Be careful what you ask for Hikaru

For days now I have been begging Okaasan to go out of the hanamachi. I know I can't but I love exploring and the closest I have come to leaving is standing on the hill and staring across to the next town. Today, that all changed.

Hatsu received word of an event in another hanamachi and my eyes lit up as I smiled at Okaasan and asked "Can we go Okaasan? Pleeeeease"
She said yes and told us the rules.
I wished I hadn't asked.
All the things that I was going to have to remember in order to make sure that I didn't bring dishonour upon us was making me feel sick. Would I get it right? Would I mess up?
I was going to mess up.
I just know I was going mess up.
And what made the matter worse was that I was to be the lead Shikomi following after Okaasan.


Luckily, a little later in the day and well before the event, my second Sister returned to the Okiya.

WOOOHOOOOO, saved by the bell, Fumiko goes first :)

Okaasan decided that we should all wear the same yakuta and geta, so off we went on a shopping trip, followed by the salon for our hair doing.
The result was this....

3 little Shikomi

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 3

Loving life in the kagai and looking forward to learning more.
My new sister arrived yesterday and she has plenty of knowledge to pass on to me, so now there's another person who will eventually think I talk too much through so many questions. She's nice and has lovely long hair which makes mine look like I was dragged through a hedge backwards. I walked up the steps to my quiet spot this afternoon before lessons and bumped into a new building. Okaasan has built a new Chashitsu. Now I have to find somewhere else to hide.
I learned through tradition and history lesson, that standing on the roof dancing jumpstyle is the best way to feel the hard side of Okaasan's fan and that my chou chou gets caught on the fence outside the okiya when I jump down and leaves me hanging there looking very undignified.
My favourite spot in the hanamachi is Ayumi's garden but I'm not allowed in there. Unless of course she invites me for tea, but she thinks I talk too much as well so I will have to look at it from the hill.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Yesterday I wandered aimlessly
Yesterday I found a place of beauty
Yesterday I found Hanafusa Okiya
Yesterday I found Okaasan Geiko Kikuyu
Yesterday I left behind one life and started another

Yesterday I became Shikomi

Today my head hurts